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Strengths of the Mitsui-Soko Group in the Retail, Wholesale and Daily Necessities Industries

Suppliers for retail stores are now spreading all over the world, and therefore, it is necessary to select distribution centers, where products manufactured in various countries are collected, while considering a wide range of complicated requirements. Our solutions for retail businesses are characterized by their thoroughness. They are not limited to the field of sales logistics, such as shipping from distribution centers to stores or delivery to individual homes for e-commerce operators. Our solutions even cover the production and procurement logistics, making the best use of our domestic and international networks.

  • We can work out and suggest the optimal allocation of distribution centers using our simulation software.
  • We provide incidental operations at distribution centers, such as product checks, clothing inspections, labeling and attaching price tags.
  • We can optimize and streamline the export from distribution centers in producing countries to other distribution centers in different countries by leveraging our global network.
  • We can provide on-time and accurate services for delivery and e-commerce operations based on our know-how cultivated in Japan.
  • We can support mail order and e-commerce businesses in which immediate response and processing of high volume of orders are required.
  • We can also install large furniture and electric appliances at the delivery destinations.

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