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Life Insurance and Non-life Insurance

In the life and non-life insurance industries, a wide variety of printed matter from catalogues, direct mail to application forms is generated and different materials are sent in each promotional campaign. Under such circumstances, proper inventory management of individual documents is a vital requirement. If you use our services for document digitization and on-demand printing, or ask us to handle the entire back-office operations from enclosing to mailing, you can substantially reduce the workload for troublesome personnel arrangement during busy seasons.

  • On-demand printing service—printing and mailing only as needed—in addition to generating and maintaining mailing lists, enclosing and mailing is available.
  • For irregular operations such as responding to inquiries to send brochures, we can cover all back-office operations such as putting brochures into envelopes, sealing and mailing them.
  • By combining the back-office operations with on-demand printing, materials and brochures can be sent to only applicable people automatically, thereby reducing cost.
  • From incident reporting to preparation and mailing of claim documents, acceptance procedures, to the checking of insufficiency of forms: we can provide the service covering the entire process of the assessment of insurance claims for the payment without delay.
  • Digitization of application forms simplifies document search and enables improving work efficiency.
  • When indexing data, images are divided and entered at an overseas center: this ensures security at reasonable prices.

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