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Furniture, Consumer Electronics and Daily Necessities

In our logistics services for furniture, consumer electronics and daily necessities, we make all efforts to realize speed and efficiency essential for consumer logistics while introducing a sorting system in the warehouses and collaborating with suppliers' systems, not only establishing our logistics centers at optimal locations.

  • We have introduced our automatic sorting system, thereby realizing speedy and error-free operations.
  • KPI (key performance indicator) system is introduced for optimal personnel allocation planning and calculation and measurement of flow lines.
  • Our service also covers B2C (Business to Consumer) operation such as home delivery, installation and recycling.
  • By introducing the shared system connecting manufacturers and suppliers, as well as internal logistics management system, redundant operations and information related logistics are consolidated to improve efficiency. These systems have the following features.
    • ASN: Advanced Shipping Notice
      The warehouse management system (WMS) is operated based on the shipping information which was sent in advance. This eliminates the need for preparing forms and improves efficiency of inspections.
    • CRP: Continuous Replenishment Program
      Required amounts of products are automatically shipped and replenished based on the customers' ordering data. This reduces the workload for related shipping work.
    • TC: Transfer Center Program
      This program enables mass retailers to establish their distribution centers at optimal locations, to control the flow of products and to eliminate their distribution stock.
    • DC: Distribution Center Program
      This is a program for concentrating on hot-selling products while considering elements such as seasonal factors and characteristics of consumer markets and storing them (This program can be combined with the TC.)

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