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Financial Institutions

Critical documents, such as business agreements, in financial institutions, are digitized and centrally controlled: this enables reducing personnel expenses related to documentation management and costs for audits by external bodies such as tax offices as well as improving the efficiency for users. Expenses for photocopying can also be greatly reduced. Our precise management of original document can solve your concern about the risks of losing them.

  • Critical documents throughout the company are digitized, and centralized control of electronic images and originals is available through the application service provider (ASP) technology.
  • After digitizing the critical documents, all the originals are centrally and securely controlled at our records center.
  • We offer ASP services which enable various functions, such as searching digitized contracts and giving instructions for the retrieval of originals.
  • Our ASP services enable all offices of our clients to use the same system.
  • By specifying the authorization for each user, the ASP system can be used for control as a replacement of the conventional approval process.

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