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Educational Institutions

In the educational industry, a large amount and greatly varied operations from applying for mock examinations, preparing questions, implementing the examinations, collecting the exam papers, scoring, to mailing score sheets are required. If you outsource all of these activities to us, it becomes possible to reduce cost and workload substantially while maintaining quality with quick and accurate processing.

  • We provide one-stop services from preparing questions to printing, mailing and collecting exam papers, digital scoring, and score processing.
  • Our scoring know-how inherited from Kodak is applicable to essay questions as well.
  • Our scoring system can process 400,000 examinees and 1.4 million test papers annually.
  • Test papers are scored after personal information is deleted by scanning and image processing, thereby preventing such information from being leaked.
  • For the operations to issue certificates, such as school register and academic transcript, the necessary documents are digitized in advance: this eliminates the need for workers to move to a storage place or look for these documents so as to be able to greatly improve work efficiency. This also mitigates the risk of damaging original documents.

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