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Chemicals and Industrial Materials

Chemical and industrial materials logistics require a rich product knowledge and know-how on specialized cargo handling. Based on our vast knowledge and experience for cargo handling, storage and control of these products, we offer high-quality services anywhere in Japan: for paper, from loading and unloading containers of raw materials (pulp) to a domestic delivery of PPC (Plain Paper for Copier), and for rubber, delivery of natural rubber, which is categorized as an agricultural product, as well as synthetic rubbers.

We also have excellent insight and experience in logistics operations of cold storage items, which require particularly careful transportation planning from among chemical products, in addition to dangerous goods which need a high level of expertise.

  • We have warehouses designated by the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) for the delivery of paper and rubber goods.
  • We have specialized facilities, including dedicated warehouses which satisfy the requirements of special forklifts, workability and isolation property.
  • For aluminum,gold and rubber, we have TOCOM-designated warehouses for the specified goods.
  • Our staff holds the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Professional Diploma and can handle the air transportation of dangerous goods.
  • UN-certified fiberboard boxes and our original special heat insulation materials enable us to transport cold storage items even at -70℃.
  • At the time of planning refrigerated transportation, the optimal temperature is calculated using a simulator, as well as providing refrigeration testing, with transportation trials also conducted in Japan.

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