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Our Strengths in Southeast Asia

Starting from the opening of our first office in Singapore in 1979, we have provided logistics services in Southeast Asia for more than three decades. Together with the growth of this region, our services have expanded every year. At present, in addition to Singapore, we allocate experienced staff, including people from Japan, to Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Dubai and India. The number of our employees in this region counts 900. The total area of warehouses in Southeast Asia reaches 240,000 m2, and we are one of the Japanese warehouse companies providing the largest scale of services. We will further enhance our services along with the continued development of this region.

In Southeast Asia, there are various elements which are not easy to understand: customs clearance and export/import systems, required licenses, and interpretations of these systems as well as different responses depending on the official. Under such circumstances, we can offer support and advice ideal for the situations based on our long experience. In addition to regular operations at customs clearance, transportation and bonded warehouses, we also provide services in accordance with characteristics of individual countries, including distribution processing. At major countries in this region, we have acquired the ISO 9001 certification for high quality and stable services.

  • We provide cross-border transportation services in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.
  • We have acquired the license for storing medical devices in Singapore.
  • The just-in-time (JIT) delivery service of automotive parts is implemented in Malaysia.
  • The nationwide delivery service of electronics appliances is provided in Thailand.
  • We are accredited as a Five-star Warehouse by the Thai government.
  • Handling of huge amount of consumable goods is possible in Indonesia.
  • Labeling and inspections of consumable goods are conducted in Vietnam.
  • We have acquired the license for General Trading in Dubai.

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