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Our Strengths in Europe

In this region, the Mitsui-Soko Group focuses on "Central and Eastern Europe" as strategic logistics points, in addition to the EU countries. In this area called the "Heart of Europe" where factories and sales bases were transferred one after another from Western Europe for the purpose of cost reduction, we established 23 logistics centers. Using ideal locations connecting West Europe to East Europe, as well as a well-developed high speed infrastructure as our weapons, we provide logistics services covering all of Europe.

We have our own logistics centers equipped with the latest security systems so as to be able to perform operations requiring a high level of confidentiality, and provide one-stop logistics services including operations to be performed in warehouses. While integrating the Japanese methods of the Mitsui-Soko Group into a broad network of local partners, we provide high quality services through unique collaboration that other European competitors cannot offer.

  • Overload transport (OLT) at industrial hubs in EU, East Europe and Turkey
  • Fully compliant with the statutory and regulatory requirements specific to Europe consisting of environmentally advanced countries
  • Handling of about 220,000 shipments as the Top 3 in the customs clearance industry in Czech Republic, thanks to the recommendation of the Czech's customs representatives
  • Parts delivery of Kanban style called "ni-hachi operation" which means eight times a day delivery every two hours
  • Certified as Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

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