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Franke and Mitsui-Soko Logistics sign a distributorship agreement in Japan

January 16, 2017

【Franke and Mitsui-Soko Logistics sign a distributorship agreement in Japan】

Franke Kaffeemaschinen AG headquartered in Aarburg, Switzerland ("Franke") and MITSUI-SOKO LOGISTICS Co., Ltd. in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan ("Mitsui-Soko Logistics") hereby announce that the two companies have signed a distributorship agreement for the Franke Coffee Systems in Japan.

The sales activities of the Franke Coffee Systems in Japan, which used to be conducted by Franke Japan Inc., a subsidiary of Franke, are handled by Mitsui-Soko Logistics from January 2017. The relevant operations and services in Japan, such as logistics, engineering, call center function, and after-sales service, are also provided by Mitsui-Soko Logistics.Franke Coffee Systems maintaining Sales and Technical staff in Japan for support of Mitsui-Soko Logistics.

1. Contact Information

 The operations and services related to the sales of the Franke Coffee Systems in Japan have been transferred from Franke Japan Inc. to Mitsui-Soko Logistics, but there are no changes in the contact information.

- For inquires and orders: No changes
- Call center: No changes
- Showroom: No change from the current address (Nihonbashi-Ningyo-cho, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo) for the moment, but it is planned to be relocated to the head office of Mitsui-Soko Logistics (Nihonbashi-Hakozaki-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) by the end of 2017.

2. New "Value" to be Provided to Clients

Mitsui-Soko Logistics has established a comprehensive technical logistics platform covering all over Japan in both channels of business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C). Accordingly, as a one-stop service provider, the company can provide all the relevant services related to the technology products, parts, and supplies including the last-one-mile delivery and reverse logistics, the technical services (e.g. installation, construction, maintenance, and repair), and the customer support (e.g. order placement and acceptance, and call center service). In the future, by adding the distributorship function to these services, Mitsui-Soko Logistics will make various proposals to improve convenience of clients who use the Franke Coffee Systems and enhance their corporate value in terms of both commercial and physical distributions. In addition, Mitsui-Soko Logistics will suggest new business solutions (ex. improvement of user experience) through Internet of Things (IoT) utilization of Franke coffee machines.


About Franke Kaffeemaschinen AG
Franke Kaffeemaschinen AG is an operating company of the Franke Group, founded in 1911, a long-standing commercial manufacturing company in Europe and Globally. The company takes the leadership position in the commercial coffee machines, with the world's second sales performance. They have the largest market share in both Europe and the US and the second largest in Asia. The reason for this strong popularity lies in their high-end machines in which innovations are packed. In the future as well, Franke plans to continue all the coffee machine production at head office in Switzerland. Franke Kaffeemaschinen will continue to offer all-in-one coffee machines, which have unique characteristics advances in technology to provide various arrangements of drinks menu and user friendliness, such as the FoamMaster series, which guarantees perfect milk foam every single time, to the global market.

As one of the core operating companies of the MITSUI-SOKO Group, MITSUI-SOKO LOGISTICS Co., Ltd. designs and operates various business solutions which support total supply chain that include procurement, manufacturing, and sales of manufacturers as well as procurement, distribution, store sales, and e-commerce of retailers. MITSUI-SOKO LOGISTICS has established the logistics platform for production, distribution, and sales connecting between manufacturers and retailers, and the technical logistics platform which can also provide wide range of technical services, such as delivery, installation and construction, reverse logistics and maintenance, inspections, and repair, of technology products and large goods, while combining them.

About the MITSUI-SOKO Group
The MITSUI-SOKO Group aims at becoming an authentic global logistics company through business development which utilizes specialties of the seven operating companies, including MITSUI-SOKO LOGISTICS, and creation of group synergy. While making the best use of the well-organized business portfolio of each group company, the Group is providing optimal solutions on all the stages of supply chain from manufacturing logistics to last-one-mile delivery.

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