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Personal Information Protection Policy

We believe that personal information entrusted to us from partners regarding delivery and installation of consumer electronics etc., moving, and document storage is our most important information asset, and our personnel fully understand their social responsibility of protecting personal information and respect all laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal rights and personal information. Furthermore, we declare that in order to realize the following policy, we will establish a personal information protection management system and will devote our full attention to continuous improvement while being constantly mindful of the latest trends in IT technology, changes in social demands, and fluctuations in business environments.

  • 1.(Proper handling of personal information)

    Personal information will only be used for the achievement of specified purposes only. Such examples would be for operations in where personal information is entrusted to us by partners, such as for delivering and installing consumer electronics etc., moving, and document storage, as well as the collection, use, and provision within required parameters for the legitimate execution of our business operations, recruitment of employees, and human resources management. Furthermore, in order to solidify the purposes and usage, we have designated a personal information administration officer, and will establish an environment where activities regarding the protection of personal information will be carried out under adequate rules.
  • 2.(Compliance with laws, regulations, and codes of conduct)

    We will comply with laws, regulations, policies and other codes of conduct regarding the protection of personal information.
  • 3.(Measures to ensure accuracy and safety)

    We will prevent the leakage, loss, and damage of personal information by investing management resources that match the conditions of our business, establish rational safety measures, and will continuously improve our personal information security functions. Furthermore, in the event of any failure to do so, we will swiftly take corrective measures.
  • 4.(Complaints and consultations)

    We will swiftly and sincerely respond adequately to any complaints or consultations regarding the handling of personal information.
  • 5. (Continuous efforts regarding the personal information protection)

    Our personal information management system will be continuously improved by timely and appropriate reevaluations given the changes in environment surrounding our company.

We have taken measures to ensure that this policy will be well known among all of our employees, as well as be available for anyone, by posting it on our homepage ( and pamphlets.

That is all.
Date of enactment: April 7th, 2006
Revision and enforcement date: June 1st, 2017 (final)

Mitsui-Soko Logistics Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer Yukio Ishida

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For inquiries regarding the personal information protection policy, please contact us at the inquiry window listed below.
“Mitsui-Soko Logistics Personal Information Inquiry Window”
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We have been accredited with the “Privacy Mark” on January 25th, 2010 by JIPDEC. The “Privacy Mark” meets with the Japanese Industrial Standards “JISQ15001: 2006 Personal Information Protection Management System – Requirements” and is awarded to private operators that have established an adequate personal information protection system.

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